October 12, 2016

Extreme Weight Loss: 10 Things That Happen When You Drop the Weight

Having lost 150lbs., there have been many non-scale victories that could easily be taken for granted. Including these 10 things that happen when you drop the weight. If you follow me on social media, you've seen my posts about reaching the 150lbs-lost goal. That's a whole person! It's also 46% of my starting weight and 20lbs. from my final goal weight.

Everyone has their own goals when they lose weight, these were some of mine. Some may even seem silly. I was thrilled each time I checked one off my list. Each has made all the weight-loss tips I've used even more worth doing. My mind and what I see in the mirror doesn't always match all the goals I've reached, though. Believing and accepting I've actually lost all the weight is another battle.

1. Fitting into misses clothes instead of plus size
It is awesome to walk into the store and not have to set foot in the plus-size section! There are so many more options and more clothes that fit my age in the misses section. Designers really need to get on that -- plus-size ladies want options and stuff that fits their age group, too!

2. Getting rid of high blood pressure
One of my big reasons for setting out to lose all this weight was to hopefully lower my blood pressure and get off meds. I have! Here's hoping it stays down.

3. Being able to easily find my size at thrift stores and department stores
For some odd reason, thrift stores don't have many options in plus size. In fact, many don't even carry plus size at all, or there's maybe two sad, raggedy shirts hanging and a pair of worn-out pants. I so wanted to be able to shop at thrift stores, like I do for the kids, with racks and racks to peruse (and to save money). I'm a thrift store addict now! While I don't shop at them much, it's also nice to be able to fit into clothes at a regular department store. That wasn't always possible. Even the biggest size often didn't fit, I'd have to wear whatever I could cram into.

4. Fitting in regular undies from a big-box store
I never fit into those packs of Hanes or Fruit of the Loom before. The sizes didn't come big enough, they (and anything not huge) haven't fit since I was a sophomore in high school. I fit now, with bigger sizes to spare.

5. Not always being the largest person in the room
I was usually the largest person in the room, which always made me feel self conscience. When I walk in a place with a group of people, I'm usually not the largest anymore.

6. Fitting in amusement park rides and airplanes
While I haven't been to an amusement park or on a plane yet, I know I'll fit. Before the weight loss, it was always majorly anxiety causing to do either because I knew I'd just barely fit in the seat, or worse, not at all. Any time I flew, I'd be wondering if I'd get thrown off the plane for not fitting entirely in the seat or only having the armrest stay down if I pushed on it hard into my leg so it hurt. I'd also finally fit in those desks from back in college.

7. Being able to move more and easily
It's not such a chore to bend down, climb up on a chair to reach something (and it won't break), take a long walk, etc.

8. Not turning to food every time I get upset or stressed
It's no secret that I've always been an emotional eater. Now that I've been eating healthier and watching how much, I don't feel like turning to food every single time I'm upset, stressed, worried, anxious, happy, etc. The times I do, it's also easier to not give into the feeling. When I do slip up (no one's perfect), it's not nearly as much as I would have eaten before -- a serving, or a few bites, vs. a full-on binge. Usually, it's healthy as well. I've changed my mindset and lifestyle, which I hope will be what helps me maintain the weight loss.

9. Having knees that don't hurt as much
My knees are crap from an old college pillow-fight injury (don't ask, it's embarrassing). The more weight I've lost, the less they act up and the more they don't hurt. Flare ups still happen, but not nearly as often. It's much easier to walk up and down stairs.

10. Weighing less than hubby
It may seem lame, but one of my goals was to weigh less than A. I never have before. Finally, I do!

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  1. I am SO happy for you. Not only do you feel better physically, but I'm sure it made you feel less stressed and happier as well. Not using food as a crutch is a HARD habit to break. Congrats on your continued success!


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