October 5, 2016

Staying Organized with Peek Bags

If you're house is like ours, there is stuff everywhere that needs to be organized. Yet, we still need to see what's in the container. M2 has pencils, pens and notebooks, I've got my own notebooks and pens to keep sorted.

With Peek Bags, I can pick the size bag I need since there is one that fits small items, medium and large (my pick for my notebooks). The bottom portion of every cloth bag is clear so that I can still see what it is in the bag, rather than rummaging through. For my notebooks, it comes in handy because I can turn to the page I need to reference the most, put it in with that page up, then still see the page inside the bag without having to take it out. That keeps it safer from the kids, too, who love to tear up any notebooks they get their hands on.

The top of each bag has a drawstring closure to keep everything neatly inside. The bag colors are vibrant and pretty, too. When I accidentally leave one someplace, it stands out to find it easily.

M2 loves having her own bags for her pencils, pens, sketch and notebooks. Before, they were piled all over the house falling and getting in the way. Now she knows to keep them all in the special Peek bags. She can open and close them herself.

With all the different colors and sizes, you can pick what you need for whatever it is you need to bag up and store. They'd make a great way to organize supplies in a backpack, Legos, doll clothes, car toys -- so much stuff!

You can find out more and get your own at the Peek bag site.

This post is kindly sponsored by Peek bags.

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