November 7, 2016

Extreme Weight Loss: Losing 50% of My Body Weight

I've finally reached the goal of losing 50% of my body weight. That is major for me. There are 6lbs hanging on that have got to go for me to reach my goal weight. At 164lbs. down, I've lost more than many people even weigh. Soon, I'll have lost more than I weigh!

At the doctor's last week, for the first time in many years, I didn't have high blood pressure. I'm officially off meds for that, and the weight loss has helped my reflux immensely as well. My knees are better, too. My print out from the doctor didn't list obese as a diagnosis, either. That hasn't happened in many, many years. I've been overweight most of my life, except for when I was really young and a year or two in high school before I became the "fat kid" again from meds and a battle with depression. The doctor had to double check that I hadn't had weight loss surgery she didn't know about. Nope, no surgery.

I actually get asked that often. For some reason, people assume I must have gotten surgery to have lost all this weight. Nope. There have also been no pills, no shakes, no gimmicks, no paid gyms or trainers, no fancy foods, no expensive foods, no fad diets, no cutting food groups -- My weight loss has been 100% natural, a total lifestyle change, sustainable and lots of hard work. I used these weight loss tips as my foundation. There have been many unexpected things that happen with weight loss, too. I still struggle with the reflection in the mirror not matching how I see myself.

I'm really hoping and working hard to reach my goal by Jan. 1, despite the holidays. This is always the hardest time of year for me to maintain, let alone lose. In addition to the holidays, we have three birthdays in a row, which crams in even MORE goodies. Not only are there all the yummy foods and baking, we've lost a number of close family members in December, which makes it hard emotionally as well.

Last year, I gained 10lbs from all the goodies and emotional eating. Over the past year, I've worked hard to kick the emotional eating habit. Now, when I start doing it (which is rare) I'm able to catch myself and put a stop to it right away, or at least before too much damage is done.

I've set myself up with a game plan for this time around. I'm not baking nearly as many cookies. We're talking at least half the number of varieties I made in 2015, plus less over all as well. They're too tempting to sample while baking. That, and I spent a solid month baking last year, I don't have time for that anymore. I'm only baking exactly what we'll need to give as gifts and for on the actual holiday to share with family, and for our Christmas dessert. I'll be making Christmas cookie recipes I don't have to taste-test to adjust as I go, nothing where I have to create the recipe. I'm going to limit how many I eat and how much I eat in general. No pigging out. I'll still be eating everything, simply not as much.

It would be too awesome to start out the new year at my goal weight to give into all the temptations of the season. I am fully committed and determined to get this done and finally be at a weight that is "normal," not overweight or obese!

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