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At The Stay-at-Home Life you'll find anything and everything having to do with life as a stay-at-home and work-at-home mom. It's a blog of inspiration, honesty, fun, support and ideas.

I share openly and honestly about what life is really like when you're a SAHM/WAHM of two  crazy energetic toddlers. You'll read about my life, including my extreme weight loss, favorite recipes, having an autistic child, budgeting and saving money, drinking way too much coffee, keeping up with two toddlers, and more. All my recipes are simple and inexpensive to help stretch the grocery budget.

You'll notice the blog logo is a tree with the blog name through the branches on a background of indigo. The tree symbolizes a number of things for me. Since all these representations are part of the blog, the simple tree logo fits beautifully.

  • To me, trees represent family. Trees, like families, grow, change and become stronger over time.
  • My family lives in the country so a tree is fitting.
  • The tree represents my kids: starting out small then growing each year to become even more wondrous and beautiful. Trees leave a lasting legacy, as my children do for me.
  • Trees stand for strength and steadfastness, even during difficult times. They move and sway with the wind. Even when part breaks, they heal and continue on. To me, that is much like motherhood.

About the Author

I'm Melissa -- a 30-something Southern country wife and SAHM/WAHM to two toddlers, M2 and B. I love to cook, bake (I'm notorious for my cookies and cakes), plan (I'm a bit of a control freak), budget (thrift stores are my friend), drink way too much coffee, watch movies (that I only half pay attention to since I'm usually multitasking), and I've got a fondness for home decor and comfortable fashion (I've lost so much weight that I often try on clothes just for fun at stores). I'm on an extreme-weight-loss journey, having started out at 328lbs. About two years in, I'm at 159lbs. That's more than half my original body weight gone, through diet and exercise. No fads, cutting foods, products, surgery, supplements, shakes, yada yada yada. (Read more about my lifestyle change and extreme weight loss.)

My husband, A, and I married while living in a city of a major metro area. Our wedding took place outdoors at a historic venue in the mountains. We thought it would be great to live closer to nature, but didn't think it would be possible. Little did we know, a few years later, we'd be moving out into a small town, rural area after our daughter, M2, was born.

That meant leaving my office job at a health care company and moving away from friends and family. In exchange, I got to spend more time with my kids, blog and freelance write/edit. Baby B, our son, came along after the Big Move.

With this new life we own our first house, yard and space for my culinary endeavors. It's taken some adjustment, but I love country living and can't imagine going back. Recently, I became a WAHM as an admin assistant as well.

My Special-Needs Toddler 

M2 is a brilliant, creative, loving and wonderful special-needs child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and a severe speech delay. The adjustment and extra care this requires is something we're still getting used to. We've known about the speech delay for some time while  she was recently diagnosed with ASD. I still struggle with the diagnosis and with people who simply don't understand or refuse to accept it. B is still young enough that we don't know if he has/will have similar issues. A good place to start reading about our journey with autism is with this post about how it began and with this one about recognizing symptoms. Check out the autism tab for additional posts.

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You can contact me directly via the Let's Chat page. Comments on posts are very welcome and encouraged. I love getting comments, feedback and ideas, so don't be shy!

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